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Episode 13 - Beachin' it
In this episode of Tour with Us, we go to the Florida Keys. Full of [...]
Episode 12 - Home Sweet Home
In this episode we head back to PA for a visit with family and a Blizzard!
Episode 11 - Jesse: Human Bowling Ball
Human bowling, backstage games, some live music, and lots of fun!
Episode 10 - The Day We've Been Waiting For!
Surfing the west coast, sunset cliffs, climbing Arizona, playing a [...]
Episode 9 - How Did We End Up Here!
Join us on our latest adventure to San Diego, CA!
Episode 8 - We Are Moving Here! (Please_)
Mini Vlog of our recent visit to San Francisco! Such an awesome city!
Episode 4 - I made this movie with my iPhone
Zac used his iPhone 7 Plus to record the video (aside from Morgan and [...]
Episode 3 - REUNITED And It Feels So Good
Make sure to comment questions to ask us so we can answer them next [...]
Episode 2 - DUDE... Where Are My Keys
Bonray - Tour With Us- DUDE... Where Are My Keys?
Episode 1 - Two Of Our Favorite Things...
Two of our favorite things: Music and Coffee! New Vlogs coming soon