Idols!_ Why Did It Have To Be Idols
But I don’t have a statue in my room that I worship… Link […]
It's Just Hell!
We often talk about Hell like it’s no big deal or something that’s not […]
Thou Shalt Not Judge?
Doesn’t the Bible even say “Thou shalt not Judge?” “Only God can Judge […]
Where Was God When...
Divorce, abuse, rape… Where is God when these tragic things happen? […]
DON'T WATCH! This will waste your time!
Don’t have time for Jesus? Watch this video as Aaron talks about the […]
What's the big deal about Abortion?
What is an unborn baby? And is abortion okay? Watch this video to find out!
10 MODERN DAY MYTHS - #8 "Jesus was a Social Justice Warrior"
Check out this video to see what Jesus’ mission and purpose was on […]
Question Answered_ 5 Tips to Draw Your Family Closer to Jesus.
Thanks to Alexander for asking this question! I truly had a great time […]
Episode 13 - Beachin' it
In this episode of Tour with Us, we go to the Florida Keys. Full of […]
Episode 4 - I made this movie with my iPhone
Zac used his iPhone 7 Plus to record the video (aside from Morgan and […]
What Would Jesus Post?
Does your social media reflect Christ? Listen in as Emily gives you 3 […]
Should Christians Work
Should Christians work? If so what does that look like? Why would we […]
What's the Point
Have you ever thought about why we exist? Why did God create the […]
Episode 8 - We Are Moving Here! (Please_)
Mini Vlog of our recent visit to San Francisco! Such an awesome city!

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