Alopecia (Hair Loss) The Spiritual Reasons behind this. By Dr. Michelle Strydom MD.

Hair loss for any reason is alopecia. The most common form is male pattern baldness which is not of any concern medically. This is an inherited trait which affects a large proportion of the adult male population and a smaller part of the female population. It is characterized by a progressive loss of hair from the temples and from the crown of the head. The loss is permanent and occurs without any signs of inflammation.

Total hair loss can occur in some forms of poisoning such as thallium intoxication or from chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment for cancer. Apart from the above scenarios, there is another type of alopecia called “alopecia areata” which is caused by autoimmune damage to the hair follicle. To understand the spiritual and physical dynamics behind this problem, you must read through the following two chapters which have essential background knowledge:

• “Autoimmune Diseases”
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• “Separation From God’s Love”
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In the chapter on autoimmune diseases I explained that when your thought life is dominated by selfhatred and guilt, through the mind-body connection, your body conforms to this image and starts attacking itself physically. Instead of attacking harmful viruses, bacteria and cancer cells, the immune system decides that the hair follicles are the real enemy. The damage from the autoimmune attack results in inflammation and the hair falling out.

The low self-esteem, self-accusation and guilt in alopecia comes from a lack of nurturing by a father or husband. 31 The men are responsible for the spirituality of their families. It is their job to reflect the Father Heart of God to their wives and children. It is the father who reaffirms his son or daughter’s destiny and identity. The Bible says that the woman is the weaker vessel, not because she is inferior but because she was created to be nurtured, loved, covered and protected by something stronger than her, namely the men and they haven’t always done a good job at that. As a result you have all this insecurity that is attacking you. You also feel inferior because you compare yourself with other females.

If you want your hair to stop falling out, repent for believing the enemy’s lies about who you are and your value and worth. Stop attacking yourself spiritually with thoughts of guilt, a low self-esteem and self-hatred. Choose to believe what God says about you. He says that you are special. He put such a high value on you that you were considered worth the life of the King of Kings – His only Son. Building a healthy self-esteem comes from knowing who you are in Christ and establishing your identity and sense of self worth in Him.

Finally, pray this with me: “In the Name of Jesus I command my follicles to tighten up. I command the hair to stay in place and where growth is needed I release growth into my follicles right now in Jesus’ Name.”

Alopecia can also be caused by other infections:

• Fungal infections of the scalp (Microsporum canis (from dogs and cats) Tinea Capitis, Trichophyton Tonsurans, Microsporum Audouini),
• Herpes Zoster viral infection.
• Syphilis and HIV. Alopecia can also be a complication of other diseases:
• Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.
• Hypopituiatarism (under active pituitary gland).
• Diabetes Mellitus.
• Liver Disease
• Nutritional Deficiency

In this case the alopecia will resolve when you deal with the spiritual root or toxic mindset behind these diseases.